Monday, 24 October 2011

Brisbane = ZombieLand?

On Sunday I surprised G and took her to meet up with some friends of mine in the city to watch the 'Zombie Walk'. Every year thousands of people dress up in some fantastically gruesome zombie costumes and walk the streets of Brisbane CBD to raise funds for a charity dealing with brain cancer. This year there was an estimated 10,000 zombies! 

When we arrived in the city and managed to find a place to park the car, I had no idea where the zombies were beginning their walk so we decided to walk around and wait until we saw a zombie and then just follow them. Luckily they were everywhere and we were on the right path almost straight away. 

Who knew that zombies line up?
Zombie Dogs!! 

I used my iphone to film this so please forgive the terrible camera work. I also used my new favourite app called '8mm' that is basically the Instagrama of video. How could you not love it?

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  1. Hey! I was there too! We should be friends in real life :)