Saturday, 22 October 2011

What a week

Warning: This week has been pretty tough and I'm going to be a little emo here.

Coping with the demands on my time at the moment has been a little insane recently but I'm proud of myself because I have managed to get through it with minimal breakdowns and only a few tears. At work we are changing our programming system and organising ourselves for accreditation...scary! Plus, my boss (who is one of my closest friends) told me on Monday that she is placing me as second licensee. This means that when the inspector comes to view us for three days, everything I say and do will impact upon whether or not our centre remains open. Pressure much?!? I know I should be proud that she trusts me enough to sit the interviews with the accreditation inspector but with uni and family it is just another pressure I'm not really keen about taking on. 

Also this week as a family we had to attend a tribunal hearing about my Aunt's financial affairs. My mother had applied to become administrator of her finances and as a family we had to plead our case as to why we should remain in charge and a public trustee not be appointed. This was super stressful because my mother didn't know if she could make it to the hearing and if a public trustee was appointed our guardianship of G would also be questioned. The prospect of possibly losing G was too much for me. She is such a big part of my life and her world has totally been pulled apart with her mother's condition...she is my sole priority. Fortunately we managed to get my mother to the hearing and we were granted control over everything. YAY! G is safe and we don't have to go through that again for a little while. 

I should be happy that I have managed to get through this week and hold everything together. I have handed in a massive English assignment for uni, changed my programming and evaluation systems, run a out of school hours care program, organised and booked G's birthday party, managed to take Marcie-May (my Nan) to my Grandfather's nursing home a few times and taken G to the hospital every second day. But somehow I just felt sad by the end of the week. How can you feel so alone when you are surrounded by so many people and doing so many things? I decided that while G was having a sleep over at a friends house I was going to do what I do best.....Shop! I'm incredibly broke at the moment but that was not factoring in today's activities. I took myself down to Burleigh Heads (which is rapidly becoming my favourite place to go when I get a few minutes to myself) and put on lay-by two gorgeous dresses. They are 1950's pin-up style lovelies and I even bought the big white petty-coat to go under them. I'm not exactly sure where I will wear them but I will find somewhere. 

This is so beautiful I want to wear it everywhere. I think I need to buy a gorgeous pair of red shoes to go with it.

This is not exactly the same as my dress but it is pretty close. Mine is a halter-neck dress and the pattern on it is a little smaller.

Thank you for putting up with the emo Kristy. I promise to put her away and be my normal cheerful self next time I blog.


  1. Tough week Kristy but I'm glad you are pulling through. It's the weekend and when life gives us lemons---lets pull up some lemonade and why not the tequila too : )).. lol.. (jk).. I am SO honored you are joining project pink..It means SO much to me.. You can sign up by adding your blog to the blog hop and spread the word via a button and even grabbing the linky code if you wouldn't mind.. Anything to get the word out and have as many blogger's as we all can grab to join in the fun.. I am officially following ya with smiles.. :)) TY TY TY SO MUCH.. I really hope you are cheerful and back to your normal self girlie.. XO~ M

  2. Aw this bums me out and I don't really know what to say. It was great to see you today (even for all of five minutes!). I can't wait til school is over and I can start pulling my weight in the 'friend' department properly.

    Keep on keeping on! You are doing a great job and are the best Kristy in the whole world!!!!!!!!