Saturday, 19 November 2011

New friends and goodies in the mail

A little while ago my friend real life friend Laura (and fellow blogger) told me about the 'Package Pals' project that the gorgeous Miss Gentri Lee was organising. 


Gentri did such an amazing job of pairing everybody up. I have loved reading everyone's posts about their 'Package Pals' experience. 
I was matched up with the adorable Amanda from Eclectic Snapshots. We emailed each other and learned a little about each others home towns.  I now officially can not wait to go to Cincinnati! 

Now Amanda and I were a little naughty and we didn't manage to get out packages in the mail early enough :( So we both haven't recieved each others yet. Luckily I took some photos of what I sent Amanda and I can share it here.....Amanada stop reading.....NOW! 

Check out what I sent....

Goodies :)
A little bit of Aussie bling for her phone.

A little note book to record all the fun things Amanda will do when she finally gets herself to Paris.

Leather necklace with cute Paris Charms :)
A postcard from my home

Tourist goodies 

When I was thinking about what I should include in my package for Amanda I decided that I wanted to give her a little bit of inspiration to travel. When I travel to a country I have never been before I like to a little notebook which I can fill with goodies (postcards and tokens) as well as little jottings about what I saw and experienced. 

I also had to include a little taste of Australia. Now no one in Australia actually uses Eucalyptus Soap. BUT I was talking to a friend the other day about how smells can instantly take you back to the place you smelt it first (I know it sounds silly but it is totally true). For example when I smell eucalyptus I am instantly 5 years old again and going to Dreamworld (an Australian themed amusement park) with my Grandfather. We used to go there all the time and the times I spent there with him are some of my favourite childhood memories. For this reason I HAD to include (what I believe) to the be smell of Australia. 

I hope Amanda's package arrives soon....and that she hasn't read all of this and spoiled the surprise :) 

'Package Pals' was such an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it! I hope that Gentri is able to organise another project like this again next year because I will definitely be getting on board. If you weren't involved in this years 'Package Pals' I encourage you to hop on over to Gentri Lee and get involved. 


  1. Yeah! Gold Coast represent!! :) Glad you took part, now you just have to wait for your sweet reward of presents to come rolling in!

  2. Aw, I hope you get your package soon! It was such a magical feeling! You sent some great stuff! I am definitely a fan of eucalyptus.